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Welbeck happy to help guide juniors

Danny Welbeck, Brighton’s veteran striker Revealed that he is embracing his role as a teacher. Providing guidance to the rising stars within the team The former Manchester United striker, now 33, is considered one of the Seagulls’ senior players. With youngsters like Evan Ferguson and

Liverpool talk to Leipzig about recalling Carvalho.

The Mirror, a famous British media outlet reports that. Liverpool are in talks with Leipzig about recalling Fabio Carvalho to the team in January. The 21-year-old was sent to play with a famous Bundesliga team on loan this season. But the players did not get the

Eating a lot of nuts. Is something wrong?

          In addition to eating too many nuts menu, it can cause you to gain weight. Eating large amounts of nuts can also cause frequent farting. Because beans contain oligosaccharides (Oligosaccharide), which is a component of sugar that is difficult to digest. The small intestine cannot absorb it like

Diseases in which you should not eat too much garlic.

 People in this group should be careful about eating excessive amounts of garlic. Including garlic extract. Because it may affect illness symptoms as know follows: People who have an allergic reaction Both people who are allergic to the smell and allergic to the substances in garlic UFABET People with gastritis Because garlic