How to play roulette ?

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To be the perfect roulette game must be accompanied by the dealer And various devices, including a spinning wheel with black and red number boxes alternating from 0 – 36, together with balls or steel balls thrown into the wheel for players to take risks and a board plan that is available for players to place bets

For the goal of this game is that the gambler has to think, calculate, analyze whether the steel ball that the dealer released from his hand onto the wheel. In the end, what number channel will it run around and stop? If you bet on that type If it’s right, you can get money. For roulette betting options   See more at Roulette Rules and as you all know, roulette is not only available in casinos. Because now there are roulettes on online gambling sites that you can play 24 hours a day. Of course, the different betting algorithms will have some differences. Therefore, in order to understand in the same way Let’s look at how to play each type of roulette. สมัคร UFABET

Guide to playing roulette

1. How to play roulette at a casino

If you walk into a casino to play roulette First of all, to place bets Players must bring the available money to exchange for coin chips. How much will you exchange, you can inform the dealer who controls the table straight away. The time when players can place bets Will happen only when that game has ended and the dealer has paid all winners. Later, the dealer will open for everyone to place chips in the desired slots to keep up with the predetermined time. which is more or less each of which is not equal and at the end of the stabbing time The dealer will call out “No more bet” meaning no more bets and then throw a steel ball into the wheel. If you go in while the game is in progress will have to wait for that turn to end before you can start stabbing

2. How to play roulette in an online casino

 Start by applying for membership to online gambling sites. So that you will have a User and Password to use to log in to the system. and as always received Credits are required to bet on roulette. For in online casinos, you don’t have to find a place to exchange chips to be complicated. Players can transfer money to banks supported by the casino. just like this As a result, you can join in the fun. Most online casinos have a wide variety of roulette rooms to choose from. Plus, there are statistics on the results of past releases as well. In this part, players can choose according to their preferences. no restrictions But it should look good too. The room’s minimum bet set at how much in order not to be a burden on the money in the account

Guide to Playing Roulette

and usually Each room has a countdown timer of 30 to 45 seconds where players must complete their bets before the clock rings. Because if not in time, it will be considered void. Have to wait to start again in the next turn In the method of placing bets, the system will have a chip coin image for you to choose. How much money will you bet on, for example, bet 50 baht, then choose the 50 baht credit button? After that, go to select bets according to the desired option on the map. And then just wait for the results of the prize draw