Liverpool talk to Leipzig about recalling Carvalho.

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The Mirror, a famous British media outlet reports that. Liverpool are in talks with Leipzig about recalling Fabio Carvalho to the team in January.

The 21-year-old was sent to play with a famous Bundesliga team on loan this season. But the players did not get the opportunity to play as much as they should. He was on the field for only 354 minutes from 14 games. Started only 3 matches in every competition, and was on the field for the full 90 minutes in only one match ทางเข้า UFABET 

According to reports from the British media. The “Reds” have entered into negotiations with Leipzig over their dissatisfaction with Carvalho’s limited playing time. And are looking into the possibility of terminating his contract.

Meanwhile, the report also states that Liverpool will consider extending Carvalho’s loan immediately, with fellow league club Fulham showing interest.

However, Leipzig insist Carvalho will still play an important role for the remainder of the season. Even though there is no buy-out clause in the deal. 

Liverpool bought Carvalho from Fulham in May 2022 for a fee of around 5 million pounds (approximately 220 million baht). After making an excellent performance, scoring 10 goals, making 8 assists and helping. “Chao Sua Noi” was successfully promoted to play in the Premier League.