Souness points out that only Fernandes can be in the Liverpool’s squad.

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Former famous footballer Graeme Souness considers Bruno Fernandes. To be the only Manchester United player good enough to be inserted into the first 11 of Liverpool’s current team.

The “Reds” are preparing to welcome the visit of the “Red Devils” in the Premier League game this Sunday. Erik ten Hag’s side are currently 10 points behind and Souness sees United’s side. As having Bruno as the only one good enough to slot into Jürgen Klopp’s team.  ทางเข้า UFABET 

“This Sunday The score might not be 7-0 but I’m sure Liverpool will beat Manchester United, why? Because they are better in every position,” Souness wrote in his Mail Online column.

“Tell me, who will you bring from Manchester United? Bruno Fernandes is alright. I think he will be a star at Liverpool because he has all the qualities you need to be a top player. However, right now there is something missing in his game.”

“That is why out of the 22 people who lined up at the start of the game, I can tell you that the best 11 players will all be on the home side. That is why I was sure back in March that before the game on Sky’s live broadcast, some people might have smiled when I said that Liverpool would win by a margin of two or three goals but in the end I was wrong – it was seven goals. ! And according to Gary Neville later, Liverpool didn’t play very well.”