What is a fish shooting game and how to play it?

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Fish shooting game today is regarded as one of the hottest and most popular online gambling games. Because the game is suitable for all ages Even seniors can play without getting bored. With a charming charm from the style of playing, 3D background themes, background music and graphics that bring atmosphere under the blue sea Filled with schools of various species of clown fish. and beauty from coral shine on the screen and on mobile in a realistic perspective ready to play with gamblers from all over the world

The fish shooting game originated in China. Then it became popular all over the world. And just came to play online a few years ago. Which all reasons come from Prizes and jackpots that are paid infinitely. It can be said that it was created to entertain gamblers like us. Even if anyone likes to hunt, fish, then it’s big. Because not only do you get to do what you love. You also have a chance to win coins. The prize goes back too.

And now the fish shooting game It can be divided into two major types:

  1. fish shooting game cabinet
  2. online fish shooting game

how to play fish shooting game

for those who are interested to be more clear As for how to play fish shooting games or the main purpose of fish shooting games is to kill or destroy those fish.

by every fish that exists There are unequal payouts. Big fish such as whales and dragons are usually very difficult to kill. But if killed, will receive a reward that is quite high ever As for fish and other small creatures Rewards will be lower in descending order. for fish shooting style Players will not use a fishing rod at all. with advanced technology You will have your very own futuristic missile that comes in the shape of a machine gun turret used to kill fish.

choose a goal to fire a bomb giving a bonus Players can use their fingers to touch or use the mouse to click on one of the fish and destroy them. In most fish shooting games, there will also be a shooting system mode to choose from, for example, being able to choose to force the shooting by yourself. and select the type of fish Combined with automatic shooting and aiming without missing, etc., and for the award to be received. Whenever you can kill a fish, you will receive a reward according to the payout rate of that game. ทางเข้า UFABET